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The Dental Laboratory, St. Marks Close,
Marske-by-the-Sea, Cleveland. TS11 6LB

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Priory Chromes LaboratoryPriory Chromes & Prosthetic Studio is a specialist cobalt chrome alloy denture lab based in the North East of England.

With over 45 years of experience in prosthetic dentistry, our team of technicians produce only the highest quality cobalt chrome alloy castings for clients.

Cobalt chrome dentures are cast metal dentures which are usually considered to be the more permanent partial denture in comparison to plastic and are also seen as far superior. Cobalt chrome dentures provide a number of advantages over other types of partial dentures including their strength and also their size. Chrome alloy dentures also allow more of the palate to become exposed and offering a greater sense of taste as opposed to other types of partial dentures.

Priory Chromes LaboratoryWe also have a prosthetic service on 3 different levels, the highest level using SR Ivocap.

This is a high quality heat curing injection system that permits the fabrication of high quality dentures that fit outstandingly and are comfortable to wear.

Our laboratory uses all the latest techniques and we are GDC registered.

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