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Prosthetic Acrylic Dentures

We offer three levels of prosthetic work.

Level 1 - NHS - Dentacryl teeth are used and are included in price
Level 2 - Independant - Ivostar teeth are used and are included in the price.
                 Finished in High Impact acrylic
Level 3 - Private - Our top level
                 See below

SR Ivocap The homogeneous SR Ivocap high impact denture reduces the risk of possible fracture. Optimum shrinkage compensation enables the fabrication of dentures that demonstrate exceptional accuracy of fit.

Wax patterns can be exactly reproduced. Destruction of occlusal morphology caused by time consuming adjustments can virtually be eliminated.

The special polishing properties help reduce the build up of plaque and patients find them very comfortable to wear.

We recommend the use of vivadent PE teeth however any make of tooth can be used but these aren't included in the price.
We can also provide flexi dentures, tooth coloured clasps + bleaching trays.

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