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Vitallium Alloy Dentures

Vitallium AlloyVitallium is used for our premium level service which features many qualities including strength and elasticity. Durability and flexibility of these premium alloys allow deeper undercuts to be used when clasping.

Vitallium 2000 Plus is used for our premium plus Vitallium service. This has the added benefits of double the elongation value of the original Vitallium, resulting in a partial that permits predictable adjustments with unprecedented fracture resistance.


Vitallium AlloyQuite simply Vitallium 2000 Plus alloy adjusts like gold with no fear of deformation. The low weight of this alloy combined with the high quality polish achieved ensures both the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

The alloy is both nickel and beryllium free.

We also specialize in the casting of gold frameworks equipoise and hidden clasp designs and attachment work.
We offer discounts for new clients + volume work.


Vitallium Alloy


Vitallium Alloy

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